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CCTV Analogue

The UK is recognised as a leading user of CCTV and the public are used to seeing CCTV cameras on virtually every high street. Such has been the success of such systems that they have now found their way into residential premises as well as commercial properties.

CCTV systems not only provide a visible deterrent but also provide a means of capturing footage for use to aid prosecution or assist in protection / management of staff.

The systems can be as simple as a camera linked to a monitor to help a shop keeper keep an eye on areas that they cannot see from the counter area. At the other end of the scale the systems can be a matrix of cameras and recorders utilising the latest video analytics to assist in detection and analysis of footage captured, with the output relayed off-site for remote monitoring if required.

Standalone DVR
Typically allowing the user to record up to 32 individual analogue cameras in one location. These DVR's are now hard drive based and may be connected to an existing computer network for remote monitoring.
Matrix Based
Typically used in retail shopping outlets, schools or larger premises where more than 32 cameras need to be monitored and recorded. Affording the end user a higher degree of flexibility and typically used in CCTV control rooms.